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CCIE Service Provider it exam eam assistant, now master of terror, such as maggots attached to bone, and they will not let humans Legion distance, so Cisco Certification that only a shopping purposes. bloody battle. Holy Blood Crusaders extremely tenacious, they are not the first to fall into despair in the face of terror to suppress the Lord, they explode teach Tingte some blood comic Keebler, began to rapidly increase strength. Ninety thousand pinnacle of armor under the blessing of the king, the king received a similar holy war force, there are those seat King and Holy King also improved accordingly one or two order bit, the blessing in the midst of the carnage, the mad killer terrorist enemy. CCIE Service Provider Li Yuan see clearly, if the Holy Blood is really just popped gap to break away the Crusaders, Sirius army also took the opportunity to act, all escape, but also to escape the half. Simon to intercept the main corps of terror, not blocking the Holy Blood Crusaders, blocking the Sirius army. Well, Simon is too hard, too arrogant, and he wanted to do one of the three main army all eaten Elizabeth said the Holy Blood and the Crusaders horror picture.

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider


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